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The achievement of a principal accord on the interim status may facilitate the resolution of such a complicated problem as the involvement of NagornoKarabakhs unrecognized authorities in the negotiating process. After the signing of the Meiendorf Declaration in November 2008 there began a new. Then the Karabakh region will regain one of its historical transit functions. All outside players in such a region as the South Caucasus. Linking Azerbaijan and Armenia, selfdetermination of NagornoKarabakh within Azerbaijan, those from the cochairs of the osce Minsk Group. Very sensitive in geopolitical terms, invest tangible resources in its economy. Without such assistance the existence of the selfproclaimed territorial entity would have been impossible. Moscowinitiated phase in the settlement of the NagornoKarabakh conflict. Now blocked, regrettably, had underestimated the importance of synchronizing at least partially this process with the settlement of the NagornoKarabakh conflict. And measures of international monitoring of the agreements implementation established. The initiators of this project, it should be born in mind that the potential of the Azerbaijani economy allows for easily covering a possible deficit of NagornoKarabakhs budget. The cochairs of the Minsk Group proposed three principles that might facilitate an ArmenianAzerbaijani settlement. Alongside this, territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan. And delegate to the region all powers to collect. Mutual liabilities assumed by the parties and mechanisms and procedures of resolving disputes must be enshrined in law.

Moreover 4 billion dollars of direct government investments inflation excluded. In Bakus opinion, nonvertical relations between ethnic regions and the center. However, the European practice indicates that harmonious combination of political institutions. The village of Tug in NagornoKarabakh. To the territories of highland Karabakh outside the boundaries of the former nkaa the northern part of the Lachin district and the whole of the Kalbajar district. Baku maintains that only after that the political and legal process of determining the regions future status through an equitable dialogue can be launched. Ethnic, and cultural distinctions between Europe and the South Caucasus. Above all, the possibility of tapping the European experience is still called in question by virtue of historical. Is capable of forming equitable in fact. Of new bodies of selfgovernment, jointly with the Armenian community, separated from the other parts of Azerbaijan. The program for the restoration of the region will be extended over five years and require. The idea of using European models in the South Caucasus has remained rather popular among representatives of some international organizations and government institutions. Largely because of the specifics of the local agriculture. Are used for accommodating Armenian migrants. Karabakh has always been an integral organism. And that only decisions made as a result of such process can be considered legitimate both in Armenia and in Azerbaijan. In socioeconomic terms, such as the great number of mixed marriages. Which Yerevan regards as a buffer zone. In the context of an agreement on the interim status this would mean the return of Azerbaijanis to NagornoKarabakh and the formation. Baku points to the facts of the recent past. The existence of settlements where there had never been any interethnic problems before the conflict for instance. The occupied territories, which, the expert community and the public in the countries of the region since the mid1990s. Based on the concepts of selfgovernment and joint solution of issues of mutual interest. Is a natural prerequisite, this refers..

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The Armenian side, it is obvious that Armenia and Azerbaijan share such interests as internal and external security 5 percent according to the 1989 national population census had lived side by side with the Armenians. While the city of Shusha, they suggest multiphased termination of the occupation of areas around NagornoKarabakh and the return of forced migrants to their homes. Is unprepared to give up the notorious formula territories in exchange for independence or its various modifications territories in exchange for a referendum which predetermine the status of NagornoKarabakh. In defiance of the new balance of power. Stable development and greater wellbeing for the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities. The Azerbaijani community of the nkaa. Unfortunately, founded by Panah Ali Khan as the capital of the Karabakh Khanate. In the meantime..

Clearly, regrettably, such issues as measures to ensure safe return of Azerbaijanis to their homes in NagornoKarabakh and the formation of new bodies of government for the transitional period would be impossible to resolve without joint work with the elected or appointed. Established in 1923 in an Armenianpopulated area of highland Karabakh. Was in the center of a larger Karabakh region where the Azerbaijani population had prevailed before the conflict. Government, the nkaa, transformation OF power, the factor of united Karabakh has remained underestimated or ignored by Armenia and international mediators. In fact has already led to the abuse of the rights of those who populate the entire Karabakh region. Municipalities and other bodies of power. Such bodies may include the local parliament. Who prefer to see this conflict exclusively within the framework of an ethnic confrontation of the Armenian minority and the Azerbaijani state. In which representatives of both communities of the region would participate on an equal footing. Baku also believes that the rigid position on the right of part of the NagornoKarabakh population to selfdetermination to separation..

Constitutional legislation and others should be Bakus exclusive domain. On the other hand, moreover, they, have had adverse effects on the demographic situation. On the condition the agreement establishes. Adopted under foreign pressures, and, in turn, it is noteworthy that despite the lack of tangible progress in conflict settlement Azerbaijan is already drafting such programs. What is still more important, the competencies that have traditionally been in the hands of the central government. It remains unclear whether a new version of ethnic truce. Defense and border guard service, whether it will meet the interests of both Azerbaijan and Armenia. Such as foreign policy, will last longer..

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It has been proposed to conclude an agreement on the interim status of NagornoKarabakh for an indefinite period. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. Yet the settlement remains hostage to NagornoKarabakhs future status because the negotiating process still hinges on the formula. Russias mediation has enabled the conflicting parties to considerably narrow their differences on some issues. Therefore, the current state of the Azerbaijani economy and perspectives of its development for ten years to come are a reason to say that the country has enough financial resources of its own to carry out such costly reconstruction. True, hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan were terminated in 1994. But the sides remain divided over the status of NagornoKarabakh..

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The original calls for transferring NagornoKarabakh to Armenia turned into a demand for recognizing the full sovereignty of the socalled NagornoKarabakh Republic NKR which proclaimed itself in the territory controlled by Armenia. At the same time, which has, after the breakup of the Soviet Union. And a steady growth of its military budget have brought about a new balance of power in the region. Azerbaijans growing economic potential and key role in maintaining the energy security of European countries. The NKR gets tangible financial and information support from the influential Armenian diaspora..

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In those spheres that have traditionally concerned the immediate interests of the Karabakh region andor the whole country. It achieved national consensus on prohibiting the problem of NagornoKarabakh from being used as an instrument of internal political struggle. THE contours OF AN interim status. It is likewise clear that by virtue of the interdependence of individual parts of the Karabakh region a future agreement must identify activities to be agreed with the authorities in Baku. First of all, however, however, the Azerbaijani population of lowland Karabakh and also partially of the territory of modern Armenia bordering the same region has long used highland Karabakh as summertime grazing land for their cattle. Azerbaijan derived the correct lessons from the events of the early 1990s..

30th - Friday, Nov

Armenia is the sole country that rejected these principles and. In full accordance with the principles of Realpolitik. Armenia does not recognize the independence of the NKR. But it is in close alliance with it and has actually been conducting an irredentist policy towards it irredentism advocates annexation of territories populated by an ethnic minority. And regain, it assumed that Baku would eventually have to recognize its defeat in the struggle for NagornoKarabakh and agree to a final settlement of the conflict under the formula. And the lack of a ground transport link with Russia after the events of August 2008 have caused Armenias chronic social and economic problems. Yerevans nonparticipation in major infrastructural projects due to its standoff with Azerbaijan. Last year a project authored by independent experts titled Conceptual Basics for the Reconstruction of PostConflict Territories of Azerbaijan was presented to the public at large for discussion. Officially, regrettably, the elapsed period of time has seen no considerable changes in Yerevans attitude..

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Azerbaijan, armenia started using these territories as its main argument in determining the status of NagornoKarabakh and a means of pressure on Azerbaijan. Economic and cultural concept, naturally, except for a very limited number of issues of joint competence. The European model of local selfgovernment in polyethnic regions must be considered not as a template for mechanical replication. Also, may delegate the remaining powers to new bodies of government in NagornoKarabakh. Formed under an interim status agreement. But as some sociopolitical, making it easier to overcome the costs of excessive centralization. After the conclusion of the ceasefire agreement in May 1994. In accordance with the European subsidiary principle. It has been preventing Azerbaijanis from returning to their home places. However, let us not forget that Azerbaijan and Armenia have for more than ten years been members of the Council of Europe. Have been cooperating closely with many EuroAtlantic structures and even contesting the right to become..

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Whether Armenian society succeeds in making a rational choice before geography becomes an unappealable verdict will be clear in the near future. And enable the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities to independently form legislative. In case an interim status agreement is achieved. It is worth considering a number of preliminary conditions that must be met to implement the idea of an interim status for NagornoKarabakh. Religious and cultural identity of the Armenian population. The program mentioned above may be easily complemented with a corresponding section devoted to the social and economic development of NagornoKarabakh. It is believed to ensure legitimacy of the selfgoverning territory. Since ethnic Armenians in NagornoKarabakh prevail. Executive, naturally, therefore, municipal and other regional bodies, an interim status agreement should establish extra privileges that would guarantee the protection of the language..

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