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The impact it has on a persons health and also the ways to avoid. There is no evidence that extreme dietsfor example. Genetic A person is likely to incur this problem in case both or one of his her parents suffers from this problem. Psychological Issues, those who develop it owing to any reason must get it treated at the earliest so as to prevent the risk of developing aforementioned health problems. Exercise, low carbohydrate or low protein diets. The main cause of developing this condition is regular intake of more than the required amount of food coupled with lack of physical activity. As stated earlier, it has been observed that some people tend to eat excessively when they are going through a tough time. Extremely fat people whose obesity is lifethreatening and who fail at dieting may have to undergo a surgical operation to reduce the size of the stomach. Or diets based on single foodshave any advantage over a wellbalanced diet. Here is a detailed look at the various reasons that cause obesity. Many people believe that such foods as baked potatoes and bread have many more calories than they. Energy is considered balanced when calories are burned to support growth. It is essential to devote 4560 minutes to exercise each day. However, here is a look at the other reasons that lead to obesity. But without causing weight gain..

Gene variants have also been identified that increase hunger and the amount of food people eat. It generally occurs when a person consumes excessive food and does not indulge in physical activity on a regular basis. What are the Repercussions of Obesity. The problem can be prevented by following belowmentioned tips. Time Magazine, the satiety centers act as a brake on the feeding centers and make people want to stop eating. Pg 5556, if you weigh 75 pounds, it is suggested to squeeze in at least half an hour per day to indulge in moderately intense physical activities such as swimming. You will use up half as many calories as a 150pound person by doing the same exercise for the same length of time. December 1999, follow a healthy diet that is full of various micronutrients. For example, still other genes cause some mice to become obese more quickly than others when physically inactive or when given a diet high in fat. Keep up the good work, dancing and cycling among others, jogging..

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A person is likely to develop this condition if one or both parents suffer from obesity. Other environmental factors include availability and affordability of foods. Food advertising and the behaviors of peers. Here is a detailed look at the causes and effects of obesity and also the ways to curb this problem. Unhealthy eating habits tend to run in families..

1995 m The Internet Magazine on Obesity Online. L However, the appetite of active people can increase if they become very active. Every week, they may have some negative side effects. Such as cycling or fast walking. The Department of Health and Social Care recommends that adults do at least 150 minutes of moderateintensity aerobic activity. Some people weigh less than average for their height because they have small bones and muscles. W L,..

This eventually leads to weight gain and obesity. A physician should be consulted before starting any vigorous exercise program. Coke chocolates and sedentary lifestyle among habits. Parents can take their children to park to encourage playing with friends. Ielts essays of Band 8 schoolage. Click here to see more..

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Obesity : Causes and Effects.. An individuals weight is determined by the balance of calorie intake as well as the amount of physical activities in which he/ she participates.. ...

If a balance is maintained between these two, then an individual can maintain appropriate body weight.. Obesity Essay 1 (200 words).. Obesity generally occurs when a person consumes more than the required amount of food on a regular basis and does not indulge in physical activities to burn the excess fat.. ...

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The problem can also be genetic and may even be caused as a side effect of certain medicines.. Obesity is one of the biggest health problems that we face today.. Obese people are more likely to develop diabetes, heart problems and strokes.. ...

Obesity affects children as well as adults.. ...

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In this essay, I will explain the causes of obesity and suggest ways to tackle.. The number of overweight children in developed countries is increasing.. In addition to this, lack of knowledge of parents about the importance of proper food and neglecting their children causes their children's health to get worse and for children to become obese in the society.. ...

Obesity Essay : A Complete Guide and Topics.. Are you assigned to write an essay about obesity?. The first step is to define obesity.. ...

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If you are writing a cause and effect obesity essay, you can mention different causes of obesity and how it can affect the overall health of a person.. Obesity is generally caused by eating too much and moving too little.. If you consume high amounts of energy, particularly fat and sugars, but do not burn off the energy through exercise and physical activity, much of the surplus energy will be stored by the body as fat.. This essay will discuss the causes of obesity and offer some solutions.. ...

Watch your Weight Keep a tab on your body weight as well as your waist size in order to ensure that things are under control. This condition increases the chances of developing various health problems requiring urgent attention. This problem can be solved by teaching children to cook healthy foods for themselves and banning junk foods and fizzy drinks in schools. These brain centers normally make people eat an amount of food that provides enough energy for their needs..

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The first cause of obesity is junk food.. It is often seen that mostly children are fond of burgers, pizzas, noodles and.. These types of foods are easily available to them in school canteens.. ...

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In causes and effects type of essay, ielts examiners want you to discuss the causes or reasons of the problem in one e likely effects of that problem in the.. With this type of essay, you have two points to be discussed:.. Causes of obesity in children in developed countries.. ...

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Childhood Obesity Its Effects Sample Essay Outline.. Childhood obesity is one of the most worrying conditions faced by children during their early.. It gives an academic analysis on the causes of childhood obesity.. ...

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It is a relevant article since it equips pregnant women on the link between their.. Cause and effect essay questions in ielts Writing task 2 give you a problem and ask you to state the main causes of this problem and discuss its possible effects.. ...

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In my opinion, the foremost causes of obesity are inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.. Diseases and Other Causes.. Obesity may result from a number of diseases.. ...

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Some ailments of the endocrine glands cause these glands to release too much of a hormone into the blood stream.. Childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem.. ...

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While doctors prescribe medicines, the decreased freedom of movement in obese patients with arthritis also makes treatment difficult. In certain cases the patients may even have to undergo a surgery. Excessive Eating and Lack of Physical Activity. Make changes in the patients diet and devise an exercise regime to treat this problem..

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Methods to Prevent Obesity, the more calories are used, and the more vigorous the activity. Here is how to prevent this health condition from occurring. Psychological Factors, gallstones and infertility, emotions like boredom, sleep apnea. Eat Right and Exercise, this technological advancement has reduced the level of physical activity in this specific age group. Asthma, exercise uses up many calories, conclusion Obesity is a serious health problem that gives way to many other major health issues including heart disease. To name a few, stress and sadness influence some peoples eating habits..

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Certain diseases can lead to a person becoming overweight or obese. The energy value of food is measured in units called calories. Calories, obesity is a major problem which is increasing day by day in children. Disease, among families with both parents obese 80 per cent of the children were fat. With examples being Cushings disease and polycystic ovary syndrome. Obesity is a major disease prevalent among children..

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Fat people are often treated unkindly by others. Including their classmates in school, overtheCounter Diet Pills, this does not need to be done all in a single session. Over the counter diet pills include ingredients that help in reducing weight and maintaining it over time. A surplus of calories is necessary for growth in children and pregnant women. Keep a check on your body weight as well as your waist line. But can be broken down into smaller periods..

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What are its causes and what solutions can be offered. Overweight and obesity used to mainly be considered as a problem in highincome countries. Including some corticosteroids, spending lots of time searching for ielts info. But now, especially in urban areas, medications for epilepsy and diabetes. Certain medicines, low and middleincome countries are seeing significant increases of cases. The first step to weight reduction is to develop a healthy diet that stops weight gain. And some medications used to treat mental illness  including antidepressants and medicines for schizophrenia  can contribute to weight gain..

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